BeResilient health check

Resilience is a relative, dynamic concept and, as such, an organisation can only be more or less resilient. As a result, resilience is a goal, not a fixed activity or state, and is enhanced by integrating and coordinating the various operational disciplines that the organisation might already be applying. In addition, an organisation operates within a potentially complex web of interactions with other organisations, so it is essential to build resilience not only within the organisation, but across its networks, and in its interactions with others. The organisation therefore needs to provide direction to its efforts and ensure effective governance and risk management, as well as build resilience in partnership with others.

The BeResilient Health Check has been designed to assess an organisation's maturity in accordance with the British Standard Publication BS 65000:2014 - Guidance on Organizational Resilience.

Learning and support

Our support aims to transfer learning and skills to individuals and organisations working in the UK construction industry. Piloted in 2019, we have developed two levels of programme to support the development of organisational resilience:

Organisational resilience strategy workshop


This in-company workshop is designed to work with top level executive teams to complete a process of strategic dialogue, resulting in the development of a Balanced Scorecard with organisational resilience at its core. The programme comprises the following steps:

  1. Company completes the BeResilient Health Check.
  2. One-day workshop to review the health check score, introduce the fundamentals of organisational resilience, and complete the process of strategic dialogue by interactive workshop exercises.
  3. Development of a Balanced Scorecard by our expert to reflect the strategic objectives of the firm.
  4. One-day workshop to present and review the Balanced Scorecard.
  5. Depending on the strategic context of the organisation a deeper phase of research can be conducted by our expert to further inform the process of strategic dialogue in step 2. This step is optional but is highly recommended for medium to large sized firms.*

Programme fees

This programme is charged at £4,500 + VAT for steps 1-4.

*Step 5 is charged separately and subject to scope and method.

Leadership peer-group learning


We have developed a 4-day peer-group learning approach designed for organisational leaders. The programme is aimed at supporting leaders in their journey of implementing organisational resilience.

Delegates work towards developing a plan for organisational resilience. The programme incorporates topic tutorials, exercises, peer-group experience sharing and encourages delegates to take action in between sessions. Cohorts will be delivered across an 8-12 week period and involves between 6-8 delegates per cohort.

Course overview:

Day 1 - Keeping informed and setting direction

Day 2 - Organisational coherence

Day 3 - Developing adaptive capability

Day 4 - Strengthening the organisation

Delegate fees

Places on this programme are charged at £1,750 + VAT per delegate.