BeResilient Health Check

Resilience is a relative, dynamic concept and, as such, an organisation can only be more or less resilient. As a result, resilience is a goal, not a fixed activity or state, and is enhanced by integrating and coordinating the various operational disciplines that the organisation might already be applying. In addition, an organisation operates within a potentially complex web of interactions with other organisations, so it is essential to build resilience not only within the organisation, but across its networks, and in its interactions with others. The organisation therefore needs to provide direction to its efforts and ensure effective governance and risk management, as well as build resilience in partnership with others.

The BeResilient Health Check has been designed to assess an organisation's maturity in accordance with the British Standard Publication BS 65000:2014 - Guidance on Organizational Resilience.

Funded training

BeResilient is a training initiative that is fully funded by CITB. It aims to transfer learning and skills to individuals and organisations working in the UK construction industry. We have developed two levels of programme; 7-day in-company training programme and a 4-day leadership course

7 Day in-company training

We have developed a 7 day in-company training programme aimed at guiding companies that are working towards implementing organisational resilience in accordance with BS 65000:2014.

Following an 'Introduction to Organisational Resilience' workshop on day one, the programme is then tailored to the beneficiary company to support it in implementing new approaches to resilience management in areas including:

  • - Strategy
  • - Operational excellence
  • - Change management
  • - Quality management
  • - Business continuity
  • - Winning work
  • - Risk management
  • - Corporate social responsibility
  • - Information management
  • - Supply chain management
  • - Effective people management

The programme shall also incorporate a Supply Chain Awareness workshop which is compulsory for all beneficiary companies to hold. In total the beneficiary company shall receive 7 in-company training days comprising:

  • - 1no. Introduction to Organisational Resilience workshop.
  • - 1no. Supply Chain Awareness workshop involving members of its supply chain.
  • - 5no. Skills development training sessions, bespoke to each company.

The programme is fully funded but places are limited. If you are interested in joining this programme please click on the 'read more' button below.

4 Day leadership course

We have developed a 4 day leadership course for senior executives who have direct responsibility for the resilience of their organisations. The course will provide leadership level learning around developing organisational resilience.

Delegates will work towards developing a plan for organisational resilience. The programme incorporates topic tutorials, action learning, workbook exercises and requires delegates to undertake additional self-guided study. Cohorts will be delivered across a 6-8 week period and involve up to 8 delegates per cohort.

Course overview:

Day 1 - Keeping informed and setting direction

Day 2 - Organisational coherence

Day 3 - Developing adaptive capability

Day 4 - Strengthening the organisation

The course is fully funded but places are limited. If you are interested in joining this course please click on the 'read more' button below.