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What is BeResilient? an organisation's ability to survive and prosper

BeResilient is a CITB fully funded programme of support aimed at helping companies in the construction sector to implement new working practices in accordance with the British Standard publication, BS 65000:2014 Guidance on Organizational Resilience. This programme has been inspired by recent market research which highlighted that the construction sector on average is the largest contributor to business insolvencies each year in the UK.

Resilience is a strategic objective intended to help an organisation to survive and prosper. A highly resilient organisation is more adaptive, competitive, agile and robust than a less resilient organisation.

Support fully funded training to implement a best practice framework for organisational resilience

  • Awareness events

    We are running a series of awareness events around the country where you will hear from the authors of the report The Organisational Resilience of the UK Construction Industry; Are we built on a house of cards? on what it takes to become a more resilient organisation in the construction sector.

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  • 7-Day in-company training

    We have developed a 7 day how-to training programme aimed at guiding companies that are actively working towards implementing organisational resilience approaches in accordance with BS 65000:2014.

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  • 4-Day leadership course

    We have developed a 4 day leadership course for senior executives who have direct responsibility for the resilience of their organisations. The programme will provide leadership level learning around organisational resilience.

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REPORT: The Organisational Resilience of the UK Construction Industry
Are we built on a house of cards?

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