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What is BeResilient? an organisation's ability to survive and prosper

BeResilient began in 2019 as a CITB funded programme of support aimed at helping companies in the construction sector to implement new working practices in accordance with the British Standards publication, BS 65000:2014 Guidance on Organizational Resilience. The programme was inspired by market research which highlighted that the construction sector, on average, is the largest contributor to business insolvencies each year in the UK.

Through this website, the programme has a lasting legacy and is continuing to provide support on challenges facing this sector. This includes the newly launched CITB funded Digital Leaders programme which offers ILM accredited qualifications in Digital Leadership in Construction.

What is organisational resilience?

Resilience is a strategic objective intended to help an organisation to survive and prosper. A highly resilient organisation is more adaptive, agile and robust than a less resilient organisation; making it the ultimate objective for any organisation to implement.

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Support learning and support to implement a best practice framework for organisational resilience

  • Organisational Resilience Strategy Workshop

    This in-company workshop is designed to work with top level leadership teams to complete a process of strategic dialogue, resulting in the development of a Balanced Scorecard with organisational resilience at its core.

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  • ILM Qualifications in Digital Leadership in Construction

    In response to broad market failure identified in CITB’s 2018 report, Unlocking Construction’s Digital Future: A skills Plan for Industry, the NFB are pleased to provide newly created ILM accredited qualifications for professionals working in the construction sector.

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  • ILM Level 6 Diploma in Organisational Resilience

    We are developing an ILM accredited Level 6 Diploma in Organisational Resilience designed for senior leaders and executives to develop and implement successful business improvement strategies aimed at increasing their organisation’s resilience. The qualification is due for release in January 2021.

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  • Leadership Peer-group Learning

    We have developed a 4-day peer-group learning approach designed for organisational leaders. The programme is aimed at supporting leaders in their journey of implementing organisational resilience.

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Digital Leadership in Construction
Brand new ILM accredited qualifications

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